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What to Expect & What to Prepare For

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Your horse's first appointment...


Massage time is approximately 1 hour, but may take longer depending on the needs of the horse.

First treatment includes a Case History & Initial Assessment of the horse - this will take an extra 30 minutes.

About Case History & Initial Assessment:

The Case History documents each horse’s personal information (medications, previous trauma, training schedule, etc.).

The Initial Assessment involves detailed evaluation of the horse’s conformation, movement and soft tissue analysis.

A consent form will be filled out and signed by the owner before the 1st treatment and vet consent will be obtained before any therapeutic massage

The owner may wish to be present for the massage & is recommended to observe at least once to gain an understanding of what is being done & why - however, the massage is also a lengthy process, so observation is not required

Please Be Prepared With:

Information about the horse’s… training, illnesses, trauma, medications and any complaints regarding performance/behavior, etc.

Please have the horse clean, dry & groomed!

During fly season, keep fly spray handy - this will help reduce irritation & allow the horse to relax better, but please don't soak the horse.

Try not to make appointments during feeding times - this disrupts the horse's routine, often upsets them and always interrupts the massage process.

 Rebecca McGowan, LMT   (931) 249-9422
Professional Therapeutic Massage ONLY