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The benefits of equine massage therapy are too numerous to count, but the following examples demonstrate how valuable massage therapy can be:




 Promotes proper fiber alignment within muscles, tendons & ligaments

Eliminates adhesions, restrictions & contractures

              (which allows for easier movement & a longer stride)

Addresses compensatory problems in injury situations

Decreases inflammatory responses (pain, swelling, immobility) allowing the body to heal itself faster and more efficiently

 Reduced swelling decreases pressure on nerves therefore decreases pain


 Increases tissue drainage of wastes and toxins and brings fresh oxygen & nutrients to hard-working muscles.

Induces a parasympathetic nervous response which slows & strengthens the heart beat and produces deeper, more efficient breathing

 Improves joint range of motion & increases blood supply to joints

 Encourages proper movement of colon contents

Increases skin gland secretions promoting a healthy coat and skin

Improves overall well-being and disposition


And these are only a FEW of the benefits!

Please email Rebecca with any questions about how your own horse may benefit from Equine Massage.



 Rebecca McGowan, LMT   (931) 249-9422
Professional Therapeutic Massage ONLY